Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Broken Heart

Wat can I say now? Life's juz so... Well... descending to the drain. Feels so... IndEscRibabLe.. Am standing at a crossroad now. Losing my faith to everything around me. Am totally lost and of course HURT.Seems to me tat now I feel so much hatred in the back of my head. My dark history repeats itself, after omoz 2 month, it had ended. Just like that. Well, doesnt really repeat itself actually..But its another way round..Lets juz say I got dump..For no good reason.. I cant figure out the mistake dat i've made..N the truth is, Im sure I didn't do any mistake at all.Such circumstances where life's at stake & all u can do to keep u company is to stare at the ceiling hours after hours & then preparing a couple of tissues for the sad drama next.

Its just a misunderstanding. I've given U a chance and u dun even make use of it. And the next thing I noe, is dat U cant trust me nemore...Worst of all, U blame me for the way I loved u, for the way I cared bout u. How could u just give up so easily?? How I wish dat I could turn back time and wud never mis-understod u. Now I really don't noe how to unwind all these mess & tangles I've caused. Dammit! How could u do this to me?? How could u not give us a nother chance?? I hate being alone now and my eyes will bear such redness and swellness for a few good hours.. Which means I'm not strong enuf to go thru all this, all over again. I've lived this way before, it SucXx, it's such an agony.

My mind's a complete havoc, my heart's a broken mirror, my thoughts are all wind up, my tears are all streaming... Goshh..Wat have I done??? Why did I knew such thing called LOVE when the last I've loved, LOVE destroyed me awfully??? This is a tragedy...A nightmare..

*N, thankz for accepting me even tho its only for a few month..Thankz for being a good@best fren for me, a caring n wonderful boyfren, a soul-mate (which I really hope dat it'll last)..To bad it ended so soon..Thankx for all the comfort, advice, critics, dat u've given me..Take care dear!!Mizz u too..*

Sunday, February 25, 2007

There goes another one..

Pea..Pea...Tskk..tskk..Pearl, i meant...The next one flying to Australia to persue her studies..In nursing..Walao eh!! Her parent really sacrifice on tiz owr..Dey dun wait till her real SPM result cum out oo...Terus send her study overseas....
~kan bagus if I had the chance to go overseas...Russia maybeWhere dey have the course dat Im interested!~...But 2 bad..Will cause my parent to get headache aka migraine..Or maybe get stroke arh.* choi!!choi!!*

She fly on Fri, the 23rd of Feb 2007...[Forgot wat time liaw]...Dats my gurl fren since form 1...She was my closest sporty gurl during high skul..We join everykind of co-curiculum together-gether..No miss de..Netball especially...Whenever see me, she'll sure with me...hahaha...

*Ngaiti, baru found out I got no pic of her in the pc...DAmN!!* Next time den edit n re-post it loo..

Pearl, sorry coz Im wasnt there when u took off...Wish I could..Was so jealous when I read eve's n pauline's blog...Dey upload sum pics which I dun have...Iskk..iskk..Even get to take 'personal' picture with you...I omoz in tears reading all the emotional blog..Felt like I've lost a fren..But I noe it wudn't happen...Eheehehhe..Gosh!! How could I missed it??!! Im jus siting behind the shop at Saberkas when my dear-beloved-pretty-lovely best fren is goin to fly to Aus...Not just for few days, but few years!!! OMG!OMG! Kinda regret not taking all the chance dat I have when u're still in Kuching..We shud go out more often hoh?? Its all because I start to work.My free-time we 'cut' short..Now I never get to join frens when dey're hanging out, shopping, watch muvie..Uhuhuu!! So fan nao arh!!!

Im totally stuck with my work...Everyday, from morning till night..Imagine how tiring n exhausting dat wud be..

Pearl!! Owes Keep in touch yeah??!! Mizz U soo muchh!! Eh, der can use DiGi izit? But still xpensive oh? Haizz...Better on9 more often liaw..
* FarK, having problem with my msn messenger...Arrhhh!!!*

Monday, February 19, 2007

Myspace Layouts
Myspace Layouts

G0nG xI FatT ChaI.....

Chinese New Year.....Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni ya!!! Gong Xi Gong XI Gong Xi NI!!!!
*WatHa??* Hrrmmm....Wat can I say...It muz be the most boring festival for me this year...Ye laa...ME, a chinese [frm daddy]...Mix with dash of bidayuh [frm mommy]....So, have rojaks blood...But Im more the dayaks side loo...Coz daddy is oso half chinese half bidayuh de...Can imagine how my chinese new year day wud be....See..Im still here blogging when Im supose to go visiting...Go collect ang pao loo..Actually we never celebrate the festive season...Only do small-small one nia...Like family reunion on Chinese New Year eve...Dady wud cook all the nice dish...N guess wat...Every dish are similar to wat the chinese usually prepare...Hez the chef in the house worr...Lihai onot?? *salute for me daddy*
New year eve...Me still have to work..But taukey nio day half day nia laa..."Half day??!!!!! Where got...We shud go back at 3, but we only close shop at 5...Siaw ah!! " Customer cant stop flooding the place..Hhaizzz....Cannot wait till after CNY meh?? People oso wana off mah....Issh..ish..ish...I dun even get to shop for new cloth arh...Buzy working loo...So dun be surprise if Im wearing same old shirt when u meet me..hehehe...So sad ler...But I dun mind..Coz taukey nio got give angpao ler..Ehehehe...
I drop dead on the sofa as soon as I reached home...Eventho work half day, but I manage to sell 8 hp(I tink)....Dat means I broke my own record..Muahahaha!! Hapy ler..Den soon after dat, uncle n aunty come...So as my couzin...We ate n chat n ate n chat...Till my stomache wana burst because I cant stop stuffing food into my mouth..The food was so damn delicious...Even my mom cant cook dat well...And its like once a year, soo..So be it den..hahaha!!! Quite fun oso...Having my relative cuming...N crowd my house..
Den all the adult continue sitting on the dinner table, chat non-stop..Sumtime can hear dem laugh..Ngaiti, my mom was the worst..hehehe...I wonder wat dey've talk bout..Hhrmm...Den us the young-young de watch tv loo...Sum sit outside admire the firework...Haizzz...So sad..Tiz year we dun have firecracker to put....My uncle, which iz the provider of firecracker for us dun work at 'dat' department liaw..So he cannot curi-curi bring firecracker home like he owes did..Huhuuu..I guess awai tiz year oso no firecracker lo...Haizzz...Cannot "show-off" liaw...Ehehehe!!
When the clock strike midnite, all of us went out to admire the >sky< Ehehe...Watch ppl setting out firecracker lo...Even tho the place was damp, due to the rain in the evening...Dat doesnt stop the resident to enjoy Chinese New Year their own way..hahaha...I tot "wat for government wana ban firecracker?? Y wana sue us when theres other people set fireworks juz next to our house..And wat bout the 'orang-orang ternama'? Those YBs n Menteri..I bet they do involve in those kind of activities too.." Why worry people get injured?? Dey're own fault wat...Only stupid n bastard dun be carefull bout wat their doing...Furthermore, ask dem tanggung their own hospitals bill laa...So hard meh?? * Damn!! Im soo cruel!!*

Dats all la...Im soo damn wuliao laa.. Gurl fren??!!Where r u?? I wana attack ur house tiz CNY laaa...But to bad Im not sure wether I can go coz of transportation problem..Huhuu..Lets just wait n see loo....Goshh!! Cant wait to go collect angpao liaw...

Friday, February 16, 2007

Im Confius!!!

SPONGEBOB!!! Where the hell r u??? Been trying to call u since a few days ago....Iskkk!!Isk!! Tot U say u're not working??!!! Mizz u sooo ssoo mucchh leerr!!! Cum back laa!! My valentine day pun suxx!!! Noting feels good without u around me...Geditt???!!!! Padah off sampei after CNY gik yaa...Huhuuu!!!! But den why I can call u?? As in whyz ur phone ringing when u're working at a place where ders no line coverage?? Hrrmm...Or did u left ur phone at home??? Ngaiti! How can u live without ur phone around u??? Gosh!! I wonder when u'll be answering ur phone...Plzz dun tell me ur avoiding me!! Coz I really hate it...N seriously, I hate being cheat...Damn!! I had enuf of rejection for now...Huuhhuuu...Dear! Cum back liaw...When we go pakto ah?? Ehehehhe....Cant wait to meet u ler...Watever laa..Juz lemme noe u're wherebout...Plss!!!

Oh ya..Go for driving test tiz morning....So, can say dat i was having a date with kancil n the JPJ..*ahakzz!!!* N guess wat...The tester for my 'on-the-road' test share the same birthday with me!!! Hahahaa...He even say dat we're SEHATI SEJIWA....OmG!! OmG0sH!! He was soo damN sporting too...Helped me alot during my drive..Thankzz alott yaa!!
But the result was un-expectable!!! Gosshh!!! I cant really commen bout it...hahaha...Its soo damn F**kin unbelievable...But wat can I say??**Im speechless!!*Aiyyaakkk!!! I juz remembered I've got tagged by Eve!!! Haaizzz...Other day laa..Me so sleepy liaw..Tomorow gota work arh....But....Who shud I tag leh??? ^ people sumore..Where to find??? hrmmm...I mite tag Kenny Sia...Ehehehe..Can I?? Wonder wat he'll say wats weird bout himself..
WATCH OUT!! U mite be my next VICTIM!!!! *muahahaa!!*

Monday, February 12, 2007

Alaa....Cancelled lerr...

Tiz morning went for driving lesson...Gota wake up around 6:45..Coz uncle aka instructor say he'll pick me up around 7:30-8:00...Well, me wake up realy early coz ME veli 'slow' when it cumes to shower, breakfast and so on...Sumore, I have to keep myself 'busy' so I wunt drop 'dead' on my bed again...Hissh....Really dun have enuf sleep ler..I shudnt sleep so late last nite..Bah(!)...Me chat-freak liaw maa...By 8 uncle havent reach my house..I keep looking at the clock..Wondering weather uncle forgot bout it or wat..haizz...So worried!! I really wan to drive ler..Cant wait to get my liscence liaw, ASAP..Around 8:20(I tink), den I heard him horn-ting me..Phew!!
He let me drive along route B n C..Route B was quite tough compare to route A..But actually its d same road, only it goes the opposite way...Duno w I tink dat route B is tougher..Herrrrmmm...After dat, I 'polished' my [drive-on-slope] lo...Guess wat?? I manage to drive thru without 'die' halfway...hahahaah!!! *clap...clap!!* Even my couzen (he owes sit next to me when its my turn to drive) say "Wah!! Wa salute sama lu!!" Coz before tiz my engine [Woah!! Since when I own an engine??!!!] use to die on the top of the slope for a few times...Dat really pist me off!! Even give migraine to my instructor...*Sorry, uncle!!*
I reach home around 10:30..Den get ready for work..Damn!! Im so tired but wat to do..Haizzz....On the way, phone rang..

Phone show: Taukey calling...(heart pumpin lyk hell!! Wat have I done??!!)

Me : Hello..?? *OMG!!OMG!!! HELP!!!!*
Taukey : Hey, errmm...Jing tian bu yong qu Tabuan liaw..Ni zi jie qu Wisma Saberkas..Gen lao ban niang jiang wo jiaw ni qu de...[Translation : Hey, errmm...Today no need to go tabuan liaw..Juz go Wisma Saberkas straight away...Tell taukey nio I ask U de]
Me : *Still bler* Oooo..Ok..ok..Thankz yea...

Soon, I reached my workplace loo...Den the other 'collegue' was surprised...Hahaha....Maybe dey tot I sesat o wat...Finally, I get to noe dat the roadshow thing not jadi...Wuaa!!!Wuaahh!! Gosh!! Taukey so dare-devil...Tiz is the chance he make extra income, but instead he 'surrender' it...Juz like dat...He say "No need laa...Sit outside der, so hot arr" W0ah!! I tink he's to rich ordy...So kind-hearted of him ler...But I really wan to go dat roadshow!!! So much fun!! I prefer selling simpack den handphone too..I can easily sell 5 simpack in juz 1 day..While in the shop, the handphone I sell never exceed 5 oo...The most is 4 handphones nia..*WatHA!!!* I'd rather sit and sell simpack the whole day ah...Commision oso same wat...~SIGH~ Oh ya, I eagerly want to go dat roadshow is becouse I wan to bring home sumthing...The Digi's neck string..Sooo nice ler!!! Who noe dey mite have other things to give me....For free...Huhuhuu...!!!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

DIGI Roadshow

Im doing Digi's Roadshow starting today 7th Feb till 11th Feb...At tabuan Jaya der...Selling simpack n reload coupon niaa..OMG!! It was so scary at 1st..I didnt noe bout it till I reach my workplace, which is Wisma Saberkas..N guess wat, Im doing dat roadshow thing for my company all by myself...See how independent I am?? Ahhahaha....!! I was quite worried den..Suddenly my taukey gona send me 2 tabuan der...He was suppose to let me noe it earlier..Maybe 2days ago..But NO!! D next thing I noe, I was in hiz car heading tabuan jaya...WOAH!! He had the best ride ever!! SPORTCAR I mean!! Damn...If Im not mistaken, it was SUBARU..The blue want..With shiny gold sport rim, cool hood+bumper, n he has a good taste for d spoiler...Not lyk other car, with sky-high spoiler...But den looks weird..hehehe.....Everything in dat car [both IN n OUT] was modified...Ngaiti!!! How I wish I have dat car...Its indescribe-able larr!! So 'song' arh sit in dat car..D cushion so comfy...Ehhehee...
Ok, back 2 my roadshow thingy..Sit at d booth all by myself loo...Luckily theres a girl from another booth come n talk to me..So kind of her..Haahaha..Den tokey ask me 2 copy all d simpack's no. for customner's reference lo...Sien ah!! Other shop @ booth ordy prepared with their photostated copy arh...Den juz distribute 2 all d 'passer-by'...Den tokey say I get rm1 for each simpack I sold...Woahh!! So little..But nevermind laa..I go juz 2 gain sume experince bah...After dat, he juz left me der..Ngaitii!! He dun even tell me the price of the simpack...Hissh!!! So I sold dem with my own price lo...Muahahaha!! Be my own boz once in a while..hehehe...Neway, dey give me DIGI's T-shirt...hehehe...Nice woo...D black n yellow wan..hehehhe...Change in Wisma Wan's toilet..So clean oo!! Walking 'thru' dat building waith dat T-shirt on really give me goosebumps..Everyone stared at ME!! *Wat?? Never heard of DIGI telco meh??*
Tokey oso not dat 'bad' ler..He'll call me all the time to check on me...Ask am I okey..Coz we did the roadshow outside n the wheather was so damn hot, he owes remind me to drink lotsa water..hehehe...Oh ya, by 8:45, he ordy ask me to 'close shop'..Whilst the other booth still open..Hahaha...
At the end of the day, I manage to sell 5 simpack..Not bad oo..Better den selling handphone in the shop der...D commision still the same wat..Dey even give me 2 Digi's phone string@ hanger..hhahaha...So good hoh!!
*Cant wait for my next roadshow!!! Lotsa goodies can get for free...Sebagai kenangan bah...

Sunday, February 4, 2007

VaLeNtiNe Day

Valentine...V'day...Valentine....^LOVE is In The AiR^..HAizzz...2 more weeks to go till d special 'event' 4 all the couple all around the world....Y so fast hoh??? Cant believe its february ordy...Every shops starting 4 sell those cute little bear, cute red pillows, heart shaped -stuff...With wording such as "I LOVE U", "SWEET MEMORY", "MIZZ U", LOVE U FOREVER"..Blaa...blaaa....Everything is either in pink or red...So cute larr!!! Wish I could have em...Huhuhuu...N sure d day before valentine..All the shops wud start to sell red roses..Both real n fake de..Hahha...D real 1 so nice..So sad never got it...*ahakzz!* Not dat je, can see got ppl wud sell all those stuff at d street aka tepi jalan...Sekadar mok cari $$$..I bet their business doubled 2 kali ganda on dat day...hahaha...Quite 'artistic' oso hoh?? Dey rela meredah hujan dan panas juz 2 earn sum money...

#1st question dat pops up in my brain...
Will I get anything frm sumbody on dat day???
D thing iz..Im not sure whether I get to celebrate the 'special' day..Hahaa...All tiz while I never get 2 celebrate valentine day...Never received anything on dat day..Or date or watch muvie or do stuff dat couple use to do during those day...Never had any candlelight dinner,with my boyfren on dat day of course..But who say I got no boyfren before...hahaha...I guess dat we broke up at d wrong time..Either we broke up at the end of the year..Or I finally am attached after valentine day...*hiak..*hiak!!...Wat 2 do... Not my luck I guess..

I remembered last year..I received 1 box of Ferrero Rocher at school...Ahakz!! On dat day yock!!The big box summore..I was quite touched oo...But 2 bad it was from a fren of mine..Juz a FRIEND k...Yeah, he does had feelings for me..But I was the problem..Cant accept him into my life..Really duno why..Till today Im still blerr bout it..Still searching 4 answer why I couldnt accept him..Hrrmm..Dun wan 2 tink bout it laa..The past is over now...Rite now Im still trying to put my position in 'a couples' feet...hahaha...Spongebob?? Will u cuming back 4 valentine day? Or am I gona celebrate it by myself again tiz year?? Hope not..I really wish I could celebrate it tiz year..Hahaha...[Im not deaperate k] Juz wana get sum >experince< maa....Hrrmm...Duno la..Bingung juaa..I really dun expect anything wor... Gish!! I have no idea now..

So kolian....

Woah!! Its already been 6 days working at d handphone shop...N 2day I sold 4 hp...So sad..Tot wud sell more den 5 oo...My partner get 2 sell 6 ah...N d xpensive wan is d n80-1...Walao eh...Kolian me ah...How am I gona survive der?? Well, my 7 days trial is up 2 tomorrow..N i dun tink I can get d job der..Hahaha...Dey let me continue oso I dun wan..So damn tiring..NO shift...Only can on leave twice a month...Ngaiti!! I dun tink I can survive ler...Even Sunday have 2 work...Maybe I'll go 4 interview at other shop..Hahhaa...If not den plant summore grapes at my backyard loo...
Hrrmm...Sien laa...Im sure gona mizz my day working 4 dat least I learn lotsa handphone models...N I oso got d price..Well, not all...But so sad oso..D ppl der so good 2 me..s hard 2 find tukey so nice lyk dm ah...Huhuhuuu...But wat 2 do..Really knot tahan ah...But osos got big prob..Got no money 2 spend liaw!!! N I knot owes depends on my dad n mumy ma...haizzz....
AlamakK!!! Hp no credit la pulak...Haiayaaa..Used 2 called my spongebob lastnite ler..Huhuhu..I was so mad bah..Tot I dun use much ma..Spongebob iz in my fnf list summore...Haiyeerrr...Check2...All my fnf list kena delete..ALL!! Dat means all 6 fnf number 'lost'...Siaw laa!! Who d hell did dat ah??? Nobody touch my fon xcept myself wat...Hrrmm...Bad Digi conection...Shit laa...19buckz juz wasted lyk dat...Not fnf sumore..I wonder how long it has been lyk dat....No wonder my credit so fast finish....Haizzz......N now wana cari duit 2 reload again...Gosh!! Spongebob!! Really mizz u laa!!! Where r u?? When r u cuming bck?? huhuhuhuuuu...X puas eh klaka dlm fon mlm tadi..Wish I could talk with u longer...Wana meet u dear!! Cum bck liaw!! ;-p
Aiyaa..duno wat 2 type liaw laa..Im having bad headache rite now...DAmn!!Really killing me..
~~ClueLess...We're on the ROAD to nowhere..I keep going back to the things that I need to walk away from..~~