Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sigma Beauty Travel Brush Kit to be won!

Dream makeup is hosting another awesome uber fun giveaway again! *Yiipiiee!!* Good news for you all make up junkie, here is your chance to win a new set of Sigma Beauty Travel Brush Kit.

The Sigma Beauty's Travel Brush Kit!!
Photo taken from Dream Makeup.

I've been wanting to have a complete brush set..But too bad, a set of really really good brushes would cost a fortune...So, here am I trying my luck on this giveaway...Fingers crossed!!

I choose to win *hopefully* the purple set cause PURPLE my favourite colour!! I've read a lot of good review about them. It is said that the brush is designed to buff both powder and liquid makeup for a smooth, flawless finish. Plus, the synthetic bristles are also easier to clean compared to other brand that uses natural hair. This set consist of 12 stylish and professional makeup brushes and a container which you can use it also as travelling storarage if you are working on the field (or on the go). This professional make up brush set is very capable and handy so whenever you feel that you need to carry it around with you, just go ahead and stuff it in your handbag.

The best part is this giveaway is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY!! *woohoo!!* And to win this for yourself, just go to this SITE HERE. Follow the instruction, and your're on your way to win this set of awesome giveaway!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bag of Love July Giveaway by Sabrina

Sabrina, the owner of is having a giveaway!! Wuhooooo!! I love giveaway...and since I'm on holiday now, I thought I should explore all this blog's giveaway. And so I've found her!

She has 2 of July Bag of LOVE to give away this time, and there is 11 products in the bag to be taken home! Holy moly thats a lot of stuff!! Good stuff!!

SO WHAT IS BAG OF LOVE? It is like those subscription monthly box that came with 5 deluxe sample size beauty products. Those products are ranging from hair care to skincare, body care, make up, nails and fragrances!! Come on admit it, girls just love this stuff! U're not a girl/woman/lady if you dont!! Ok sorry, just kidding...
Then, every month your bag will be delivered to your doorstep, so you can try out some new product before actually buying them (in full size!). But of course, within this box, sometime they are so generous they will give out a full size one!

And the crazy part now is that the bag that Sabrina is giving away, theres not only 5 product in it, theres a total off 11 product!!

Photo taken from Sabrina's blog.

The products winner will receive is mostly from The Body Shop and Etude House. They are.....*wait for it*
  • The Face Shop Chia Seed trail set
  • Ju Ju Aquamoist facial cleansing wash
  • Etude house Moistfull aloe skincare 4 kinds kit
  • Freshel pore cover BB cream
  • Polka Splassh Nail polish
  • L'Oreal Professionel Liss Ultime Smoothing Shampoo
I know I said 11. But I can't just copy and paste her stuff into my blog right? So go ahead check her blog out for more detailed info and picture...I bet you'll go gaga and mata go juling!! lol...

And lastly, to join this giveaway, theres a rafflecopter all the way down her blog post. Just submit anything that's applicable to earn entries, and wait for the result. Hurry up! Giveaway ends in 13 days!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Make up, Skin care kit to be won!!

No no...I'm not hosting any giveaway...I'm joining this giveaway hosted by Misaraisu. I presume shez from Japan, sounds like a Japanese name there..Shez hosting this "BE PRETTY KIT GIVEAWAY" to celebrate her 150 followers on her blog!! Woww!! thats a lot girl! CONGRATS!!

Anyway, check out her blog to join...gosh, shez soooo generous with this giveaway!! They are lots and lots of different product that will be given out...I'll be very jeli-jeli if I dont win it...Hrrmmm.....

So, these are the product the winner is going to get
  • Luminous Bright Aura CC Cream
  • Etude House Color Pop Nail Polish in mint
  • Holika Holika Juicy Shine Lip Balm in watermelon ( *yummy! I love watermelon!*)
  • Urban Decay Mascara
  • Benefit Watts Up Highlighter
  • Wardah 3 tone Eyeshadow
  • Sleek Eye Dust in Drama (black)
  • Some Eyelashes
  • Masami Powder Sponge
  • Sleek Eye Dust in Inferno
  • Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation nail in lime
  • And lastly lots of Beauty samples!

Photo taken from Misaraisu's blog.

If you're interested, head over to her blog (link above), and just complete the task on rafflecopter at the end of her post. Its that simple!!

*hrrmm...She didnt mention if its an International thing tho...I hope it is..Please please let me win!! *

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Mascara

A girl can never have too many mascaras right? RIGHT gurls??? 

Introducing the Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Mascara!! This mascara is different from any other mascara, cos it uses a gel-mousse formula leading to less 'crunchy', 'stiff' lashes. This mascara also promises massive volume as it contains less hard waxes and uses the new 'Flexor' Brush.

I got so excited I search for it online, cos they dont have it here!! :(  I dont remember seeing it anywhere though, so I had to resolve to getting it online.

Cute packaging..Nice teal colour with a touch of pink.

"Flexor Brush". Its so flexible.

The final verdict? My lashes didnt feel heavy after application so the gel formula definitely lived up to its promises, but however I didnt get much volume ( I don't know, maybe its my own lashes, I have really fine sparse lashes, and eyebrows sigh). And same goes to my lower lash, I expect it to give a lil bit of lengthening to it, cos without mascara you can barely see my lower lash! (Ding it!! I hate my eyelashes!). I like that the formula makes my lashes feel soft and supple with no flakes, instead of the normal harden stiff results.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Badges of Fury - MOVIE REVIEW

So, I'm like so obsessed of joining giveaway, contest from the internet. Recently, I discovered KLIPS, from SAYS. Funny I didnt notice their little advert earlier at the bottom every time I log into my SAYS.

A little info about KLIPS 
  • "KLIPS by SAYS is Malaysia's very own online movie community where users connect to read, curate, review, rate and share all their favourite movies. It is the place to be to know what other Malaysians are watching.
  • What's greater is that you can even earn free premiere and regular movies passes by answering a quick and simple poll or by sharing a movie on your social media networks. This is our way of saying thank you for being such awesome supporters of KLIPS."
The first movie passes that I won was Badges of Fury. This movie is not really funny nor exciting although I'm sure the director tries to incorporate elements of comedy romance and action all in this one movie. Though, I suggest just to ignore the fine lines and enjoy the movie! haha..

At first I thought it was a hard-core action movie, especially when theres Jet Li on the screen. But nope, theres was some comedy -action kind of movie instead. The movie is about 2 trouble making cops that was assigned on a murder case. One of them end up having to go undercover and become JinShui's lover.

My rating would be 4.5/10. Just because I dont understand cantonese (sad case), and the subtitles isnt helping ( I dont know how to explain this ).

I feel that the acting are mostly exaggerated to the max, but well maybe that's the comedy part of the movie. There are also some entertaining martial arts going on that actually excites me.

Other crew acting in this movie includes Michelle Chen, Ada Liu Yan and the beautiful Liu Shi Shi.

Received my ticket in the mailbox! Its an open ticket so I can watch Badges of Fury anytime and anywhere! Cool huh?

Thanks once again to KLIPS for the free passes! Hope there's more in the future! *wink wink*

Photo courtesy of KLIPS.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Petals ~ Amy Lowell

Life is a stream,
On which we strew, 
Petal by petal the flower of our heart; 
The end lost in dream, 
They float past our view, 
We only watch their glad, early start.   

Freighted with hope, 

Crimsoned with joy, 
We scatter the leaves of our opening rose; 
Their widening scope, 
Their distant employ, 
We never shall know. 
And the stream as it flows sweeps them away, 
Each one is gone 
Ever beyond into infinite ways. 

We alone stay..

While years hurry on, 
The flower fared forth, 
though its fragrance still stays.

~ Amy Lowell ~

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Love for OnlyBeauty + Giveaway from them

Well, it all started few months back. I think I was on my semester break. Being jobless, I spend most of my free time browsing, that includes social network, watching youtube videos and also 'window shopping' online. Out of nowhere, I just decide to google search whether in Malaysia, there is a site that gives out free sample. Because most of the time when I read blogs from bloggers outside Malaysia, they always blogged about samples given free to them. So I get jelly! Cos I want them too!! Even if its just in a form of sample size...

Thanks to Uncle Google, I discover I log in to this site everyday to apply for the free sample. Eventhough I didnt get the any sample yet, but hey fingers cross! Maybe one day...I like the system that they dont need much hassle on applying for a sample, just click "apply now", key in some code that was given, and waalaa! U're in the running to get a free sample!!

Currently they are having a giveaway too!! And the prize is a lash serum! Gosh I'm so excited!! Really hope I could win this...I've been wanting to get a lash serum for ages!! Too bad they are too expensive!! Plus, I needed them so badly cos I have really fine lashes, even 2 layers of mascara doesnt help much! And whats worst, my lower lashes isnt visible at all...How sad right? Most of the time I'll have to stick some falsies just to make my eyes 'perk', but sadly we all know that as a human being we like to judge, so Im actually bothered if people commented "why wear falsies? Why so fake?" Haaiihh.....thats LIFE!

So how to enter? Click here. Do whats instructed there for you, share the post out on ur facebook, twitter etc...And just wait for the winner's announcement! Its that simple!!

Terms & Conditions:
1. Giveaway is open to all Malaysian residents with a valid Malaysian mailing address.
2. This Giveaway starts from 3rd June - 30th June, 2013.
3. Results will be announce one week after. 20 lucky draw winners will be contacted by e-mail and their prizes will be posted to them by normal post.
4. will not be held responsible for stolen or lost prizes by post; whether it is incorrect mailing address or by Pos Malaysia's services.
4. reserves the right to amend or change the terms and conditions of this giveaway at anytime without prior notice.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Giveaway from Danique Jewelry

This delicate and feminine necklace features sideways Sterling Silver cross on sterling silver chain. The necklace is finished with tiny sterling silver beads near the spring ring clasp. The necklace length is 16 inches. 

This giveaway is open to everyone no matter where you may live! The giveaway will end on May 4, 2013!
Go here and join!! U might be the lucky one!

~~ClueLess...We're on the ROAD to nowhere..I keep going back to the things that I need to walk away from..~~