Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm like soo bored soo I posted this...

Article 1:

Statement of Love:
The Kiss

1. Kiss on the hand
~> I adore you

2. Kiss on the cheek
~> I just want to be friends

3. Kiss on the neck
~> I want you

4. Kiss on the lips
~> I love you

5. Kiss on the ears
~> I am just playing

6. Kiss anywhere else
~> Lets not get carried away

7. Look in your eyes
~> Kiss me

8. Playing with your hair
~> I can't live without you

9. Hand on your waist
~> I love you to much to let you go

Article 2:

The Three Steps

1. Girls:
~> If any guys gets fresh with you, slap him...
*Oh yeaahh!! Or punch him straight on the nose!!*

2. Guys
~> If any girl slaps you, her intentions are still good...
*Uh-huh...At least she dun break ur nose...*

3.Guys & Girls
~> Close your eyes when kissing, it is rude to stare.

Article 3:

The Commandments.

1. Thou shall not squeeze too hard.

2. Thou shall not ask for a kiss, but take one.

3. Thou shall kiss at every opportunity...
* Uh-huh...;-p *

~ Remember ~
A peach is a peach
A plum is a plum,
A kiss isn't a kiss
Without some tongue.
So open up your mouth
close your eyes,
and give your tongue
some exercise!!!

Here are a few reasons why guys like girls:

1. They will always smell good even if its just shampoo.

2. The way their heads always find the right spot on our shoulder.

3. How cute they look when they sleep.

4.The ease in which they fit into our arms.

5.The way they kiss you and all of a sudden everything is right in the world.

6. How cute they are when they eat... * really?? But I dun tink I look cute when I eat...*

7. The way they take hours to get dressed but in the end it makes it all worth while.

8. Because they are always warm even when its minus 30 outside.

9. The way they look good no matter what they wear.

10. The way they fish for compliments even though you both know that you think she's the most beautiful thing on this earth...* yeah rite...Soo sarcastic...*

11. How cute they are when they argue...* ah-hah!! No wonder he owes wana pick a fight..And in the end he'll say "I love to see ur face when u're mad"...Watha...*

12. The way her hand always finds yours.

13. The way they smile.

14. The way you feel when you see their name on the call ID after you just had a big fight...* see my surname??? Please laa..Obviously theres sumthing goin on...*

15. The way she says "lets not fight anymore" even though you know that an hour later....

16. The way they kiss when you do something nice for them.

17. The way they kiss you when you say "I love you"..*apparently..I'm still waiting..*

18. Actually...Just the way they kiss you...

19. The way they fall into your arms when they cry.

20. Then the way they apologize for crying over something that silly.

21. The way they hit you and expect it to hurt.

22. Then the way they apologize when it does hurt.(even though we don't admit it)!

23. The way they say "I miss you"

24. The way you miss them

25. The way their tears make you want to change the world
so that it doesn't hurt her anymore.....
Yet regardless if you love them,
hate them,
wish they would die or
know that you would die without them ...
it matters not.

Because once in your life,
whatever they were to the world
they become everything to you.
When you look them in the eyes,
traveling to the depths of their souls and
you say a million things without trace of a sound,
you know that your own life is inevitable consumed
within the rhythmic beatings of her very heart.
We love them for a million reasons,
No paper would do it justice.
It is a thing not of the mind but of the heart.
A feeling.
Only felt.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I hate to feel this way...

God, I hope in this I'm not blind
as fantasy takes hold of my mind.
A real person is behind that face,
that voice;
those words.

Am I truly seeing the man behind that name?
Or rather
falling for the fantasy that exists in that space between
Waking and sleep
Sparks and hope?
I dont want to put high hopes lord,
But I'm not sure if I could bear the pain.

Is it love? I doubt..
But it grows.
I need to know him in the flesh, lord.
For curiosity kills this girl,
Distance makes me see this dream,
That which I want but can never truly have.

I..Am a dreamer;
Clutching to a mutual desire,
Completely unsure of where I stand;
Hoping, on faith, that I won't fall so deep,
Won't drown in the dream;
until reality fishes them out.
leaving myself on the shore
Cold and wet.

I think I will give into this dream
though my nature hates to submit.
The decision is mine and tho blindfolded,
I submerge myself
and hope to God I don't drown.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Done with Final...

Uh-huuhh....Oh yeahh!!!
I'm on my semester break now...Finally had the strength to type out something here....

Ehhh....Hardgay!! When are u gona ask me out again???

Final was ok...I guess....Think I did better then last semester...Prayfully...Amen...
Time really flies...I'm ending my 3rd semester of my A-level now....Next sem gona be my last....Gosshh!! I'm so definitely gona mish Inti....
And by the end of may, I'll soon be sitting for my AS exam...My 1st part of Cambridge Uni's paper!!! God have mercy on me!! I'm sooo damn fucking scared @ worried right now....And of course, theres no 'having fun' this holiday...HaiihH!!!! Sucks laa...

Woww!!! What can I say?? Life been really hectic lately...Dont even have the time to blog something out...Sorry guys n gurls....

Wat else ahh??

Owhh..I'm helping my friend to break up with her boy....Huuuhuuu :-( ....Who the hell ask him to disrespect my boy and my think i'm like those bitch u play around with izit??? Come on laa...Look at yourself...I'm not impressed at all....Soory to say la pri...Im like fucking pissed of his action bahh....N lord please forgive me for using such harsh words....

Talk about my boy...Hrrrmmmm....Dunno laa....I love him...But Im not sure weather I can trust him with all my heart..I sense something...Though not sure what it is...Huuuhuuu...I hate this...Each time when Im beginning to settle down, there must be something that will stand on my truth is, I knew that our relationship won't last long....Just waiting for the right time to catch the culprit...I wish I couldd dig some more info bout what I heard...DAmnn!! I want some clarification now!! Fuck!! It kills me to see him everyday and smile with him, pretending that I duno @ wunt know anything....UuurrgghhHHhH!!!!

For now, I know that I love him...So much....But still, I'm not giving all my souls to him....Ggessshh!!! Why does he came into my life??? And hez the most perfect guy I've ever meet...I mean among the boyfriend'm scared of this relationship....I'm not strong enough to handle the pain later in the future....If something really happens to us 'soon'...And if it comes true, that I'll make sure I win it in a good way...

But hey, I'm still with my babe now....Leading a normal life as usual...Those are just some doubt that fills my mind now....Am crossing my fingers for it not to happen....yaadaaayyaadaa...

DAmmNnittT!!!! I miss clubbing!!! *fuck*

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Im feeling insecure...

I was jealous,
but I put up with it.
I tried to be there for you if I could,
but it picked at me bit by bit.

I told you that I cared,
I told you how it made me feel.
But you never believed me,
and that these feelings are real.

I asked you to tell me the truth,
I wanted to know exactly what was going on.
But you never had an answer,
I don’t think I would care if you were gone.

You lead me on,
then you let me down.
In my love for you,
I could easily drown.

I would lie, beg or steal,
if it would make you love me.
Is there anything that could make it happen?
Could you maybe open you’re eyes and see?

I wish that I had taken my chance,
that I had fought of the scare.
I'm ready to back off,
But are you??

~ anonymous~

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April FOOL!!!

1st of April...
The uncertain of the origin of a foolish day....*huh??? wtf...*

Thank God I didnt get fooled by anyone...hahahaa....
And too bad...Was out of airtime to messed around people's life today....Sieennn....

OMG!!! I realize dat I've only posted 1 post last month...DArrnn!! Soo very2 lazy nowadays....

Finally, get to celebrate my belated birthday with Pri...Yeah..I noe...The actual date was like 3 weeks ago...But who cares??? It was a blast tho!!! Unbelievable...
Even the police wanted to join us....But we manage to 'shoo' dem away....

Neway, its Bie's Birthday today!!!! Hahahahaha!!! Wat a coincidence....April fool's baby...
Wished I'd make a fool of him today....But I think better not... I'm not mean enough to spoil his big day...uhuuhuuu...

*Uh-huh...I noe he loves brown..*

Enjoy urself yaaa....Eventho I cudnt make it...
Ammm sooo soory.....Will make it up to YOU sumday.....
~ Somewhere.....Over the
EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED bie...God Bless You n ur wishes...
Mish u here...

*duuhh!!! If only he read this....*

Herez sumthing for you....

Dun get 'too' high babe....
~~ClueLess...We're on the ROAD to nowhere..I keep going back to the things that I need to walk away from..~~