Thursday, June 28, 2007

NEXT Week - DEAD Meat

Am copying MORAL notes from powerpoint..Coz Mr Sunny loves powerpoint and lazy to go to the shop to fotocopy it..This is so menyusahkan!! I wished I've found the stupid printer's installer. Where the hell did my bro put it??

Next week-the start of out second test..Why is next week come soo sooon?? wtf!! I need fresh air!! Its as if theres always test one after the other..Uurrrhhh!!! How am I gona sit for it? Damn...Im not ready..

1st paper-Moral..Haaiihh!! Dont even knoe what nor how to study..The notes given [which Im copying rite now] doesnt seems to help..Its all nonsense to me..And its in ENGLISH!! Every word and every sentence seems so weird..

Worst, I dont understand what Mr Sunny taught..I mean I know what hes talking about..But sometime the words that comes out feels so deep..Duh!! Its soo damn crap..Like " If u do good things, U're a good person..If u do bad things, den U're a bad person..." Or "You dont held a picture of a person @ sumthing and say wallahh!! Behold the GOD..." Or "As far as ... is concern...blaa..bbllaaa..." wtf!! How can I answer the test question??

Hate to see him too..Know why?? Coz his hand are full of gold..Gold ring, omoz each finger have it..Big gold old bracelet..Buhuuhh!! What is he trying to prove to his student?? That he is rich??I wonder whethehr hes scared of kena rompak onot..Or he wana wait till it really happen?? Hrrmm..

Then 2nd paper is Math..Uuurrhrhhh!!! I never passed this subject!! Even during high school..Back then was additional math..Gaves me nightmare..And Mr Fabian, pls set up some easy question..Plss...

Hes worst..He gave us exercises to do on every lecture...He doesnt really teach..But he do teach us d hell Im talking about?? Weell, its true bah...He expect us to know and remember the stuff we've learn during high school..Ngaaitiii...Dat was soo long ago..I dont do any calculation for about 4-5 month..My brain already beku liaww!!

Goshh!! Its omos the 4th month..Final is coming in a blink of an eye..Im gona finish 1 sem!! Hope I passed and without repeating..

Azee!! I wana see him ttooo!! Not fair laa...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Forgive and ForGet

Have u ever encounter sumthing soo horrible?? Like someone whom you know (but not dat close) called you a B*t*H or maybe whore??

Dats wat happen..DAMN!! Its just too rude..I mean I dun mind if any other girl called me that..Coz well, obviously shes jealous with me or something..Apparently, shes a bitch to me too..hahhaa..But in my case, it was a GUY!! ErrrggggHhhH!HH!!

I got hurt after that..I cant believe it!! Was pain in d arse, man!! And I dont know why...I shudnt have cared..In fact, I dont know him at all...Dunt noe the real him yet..Knew him since last year..I guess..We only chat and chat n chat all the time..

It started when we chatted thru msn last month..And duno why..I keep using 'your head' in our conversation...Hahhaa...Was just playing maa..Wunt kill rite..

I guess he got pissed after dat...Then he was like "Why are u acting like dat??"..And I was like "like wat??" And he replied "like a b****"...That was when my heart got crushed into millions-gazzillion pieces..And it feels soo suddenly...Gosh..I omoz in tears after that..Of course I was like " WTF!! HOW DARE HE?? WHO D HELL HE TINK HE IS??" Its suxx laa..And hurts too..Hhuuhuu..

Till den, I never chat with him nemore..merajuk la tek...hahha..Dun even bother to nudge him...But surprisingly, I dun delete or blocked him..hhrrmm...It never appeeared in my mind to do that...Why ahh?? whhy???

After a few weeks time...Probably 1 month plus..Guess wat...He nudge me and say "You're here..". bah..Of course I am...DUHHH!!! Surprise..Surprisee..He talked nicely to me,like everything never happen.....Even gave me his number..Ahaakkss!!!

Yeah, he forgive me for being rude..Am I?? Did I offended him?? Hhhrrmm..Im still wondering...Coz I've been using 'your head' all this while and never offended anyone..Especially guyss...Haaiihh...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Million - Dollar Business

A blank notepad is all HE need to be a MILLIONAIRE...
Hes only 21...A college student...And makes a lot of MONEY....
Find out bout him in HERE
And yeah..Hes definitely CUTE!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Are there really spirits inside the SACRED TAMBOKS?

It doesn't take a very observant person to notice that during any gawai ceremonies, a few brightly coloured tamboks (baskets) with the covers securely closed with handkerchiefs or pieces of cloth.

To the Bidayuh, these tamboks are highly sacred. They call them "jumuo simongi" which literally means "tamboks of the spirits". Being sacred and special, these small items are usually made from the best species of rattan.

But what are actually inside? Spirits, of course - at least that was what the tukang gawai told our fathers, and what our father re-told us when we were kids. So as what my sumuk @grandma told me...Too bad my babai @ grandpa wasnt here to tell me more bout it...Miss U so mucchh dearest babai!!

And, what or whose spirits are these?

It depends on the gawai ceremonies. There are two categories of gawai. One category consists of the gawai connected with padi cultivation. Under this category, there are many different gawai.

Every season - starting before the clearing of forest till harvesting - has a gawai of their own. To name a few, they are gawai lakang, gawai nuluk, gawai tumu padi, and gawai pori puun. During all these gawai, the tamboks of the spirits are placed at the centre of the house or hut where the gawai are carried out.

They are not allowed to be disturbed or even touched except by the tukang gawai themselves. Even then, they touch or lift them only when it is necessary. Otherwise, the sacred tamboks are left alone. They don't have the slightest intention to annoy the rice spirit(s) inside for fear that the latter won't give them a good harvest.
The farmers strongly believe that the rice spirits are inside. But of course no one, not even the tukang gawais themselves, could tell us for sure how the rice spirits look like. Nobody has ever seen them.
What-ever the look, those spirits must be small. Otherwise they will surely face great difficulties finding enough room in such small tamboks.
NO man could ever see the rice spirit in-side. All that can be seen are a few paddy grains, pogang (lemang), sukuoi (rice wrapped in leaves) and sikapur (crushed bettelnut) for the spirit. I was told that the grains would be sown together with the rest of the seedlings during the coming season.
During the Gawai Sowa, that is the biggest rice gawai, one in every family will proceed to a stream with the tamboks. This is an occasion called ngiraga, which is an occasion for them to fetch the rice spirits and good grains given to them by the spirits form a stream.
On a bamboo platform above the stream, the tukang gawai will enchant traditional prayers, asking the rice spirits to give them quality seedlings for them to plant the next season. The place an empty white piece of cloth in the stream below the platform. True enough, when the cloth is lifted after they have finished the prayers, there are paddy grains. Where do the grains come from. The tukang gawai claim that they are given by the rice spirits.
The rice spirits together with the grains are then placed inside each of the tambok. The grains will later be planted with the others as representatives from the rice spirits and as encouragement for the rest of the seedlings to grow healthy. They are kept in the tamboks till the pantang ends. During this period, the mouth of the tamboks are always securely sealed, perhaps to prevent the rice spirits from escaping.
The other category of the gawai is gawai for curing the sick. There are again many different gawai under this category but each has the same purpose - to bring back wandering souls of the sick person.
When a person is sick, it is believed that his or her soul leaves the living body and wanders in the wild. The soul must be saved and brought back so that the patient could recover. The task of the tukang gawai is to carry out "search and rescue" by carrying out the correct type and procedure of the gawais. Once the soul is rescued, it is then carefully placed inside the tamboks till the last day of the pantang period which could range from a mere half day to eight days.
When the pantang is over, it is the time to again unite the soul with the patient. This reunion is done by carefully bringing the tambok close to the patient. The tukang gawai put his hand in-side the tambok through the now slightly open mouth, take the soul in-side, then blow it towards the ears of the patient. The soul enters the body through the ears.
Again, the human soul must be very tiny, otherwise how could it enters the body through the ears?
Perhaps because of its tiny size, the tukang gawai sometimes find difficulties locating it during the search and rescue task.
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Gosh, this is interesting...I never know bout the miracle the tambok can do....I tot its just something u can put stuff in it....This is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Cant stop talking bout it...

JUNE is fast approaching, the month when some of Sarawak's indigenous groups are in a festive mood.

Gawai Dayak is officially celebrated on June 1st, but the harvesting festival is carried out in the rural areas anytime after the padi fields are harvested in May.

Different ethnic groups have their own names for this celebration. "Gawia Sowa" is the term used by the Bidayuh.
The rural Bidayuh hold the celebration for two days and two nights on a weekend in June. Some mistakenly called the occasion "gawia podi" (padi), but because there are actually various gawia podi, Gawia Sowa is the more proper term.
This grand Gawai is held partly to thank the rice spirit for giving farmers a good harvest, and also to ask blessing from the spirit for a better harvest the following season.
To do that, the farmers present a lot of offerings during the festival. Pogang (glutinous rice cooked in bamboo shoots) is cooked in great quantity, numerous pigs and fowls are slaughtered, tuak is prepared by the gallons and there are other countless items needed.
Each family slaughters their livestock and makes other preparation (we dunt actually slaughter dem, we buy dem..), for they not only entertain the rice spirit but also friends, relatives, and visitors.

Getting prepared

Only the families who still practise animism serve the rice spirit. They are the ones that still offer thanks the traditional way. The Christians join the celebration but they only serve visitors . Nevertheless, pagans and Christians alike do their part in making the Gawia Sowa the biggest celebration of the year.

Since this is a grand gawai, many tukang gawai and dayung borih (female shamans) are needed. Me grandma was one of those dayung borih. More often than not, a village hires them from neighboring villages. A few villages have even stopped holding Gawia Sowa as there are no tukang gawai nearby...Except for my kampung loo... Every year sure got de..
This is one reason why Gawia Sowa can never be held simultaneously in the different villages. On this occasion, one can see the highest ranking tukang gawai -pinguguoh and sino borih.

On the first day, families holding the Gawia Sowa proceed to a nearby stream together with the tukang gawai and dayung borih.
There, the dayung borih asks the rice spirit for bountiful paddy seeds to be planted in the coming season. As they communicate to the other world, they dip an empty small tambok in the stream.

They then lift the tambok out of the water, and as if by magic, there are the few grains they claim are given by the rice spirit.. Its so damn real!! I followed the procedure from the beginning till the end..No magic, no trick, no noting at all..I've watch this occasion since I was young and till today, I still cant understand how on earth the padi can get into the small tambok just by swinging it in the stream...

Back at the Long house, all tukang gawais and dayung borih would be served at the tanju. This grand lunch is known as "maan ieng" which literally means "serving the spirits". It is believed that the spirits of their ancestors are there together with the rice spirit.

During the rites, the dayung borih sits on a swing, chanting and singing tradisional prayers and praises.

Theres my sumuk!!! "salute her"

The villagers go round, each serving the tukang gawai and dayung borih with food and drinks that they bring to the Gawai house. Tukang gawai and dayung borih would also visit and bless every home (its the every room in the long house) for good harvest and prosperity.

This is done with a brief praising of the rice spirit while at the same time waving a fowl (but we used chicken nowadays) over containers where the family stores their rice. The chicken is thenslaughtered as offering to the rice spirit.

They swing-swing the chicken while chanting...
And finally kena slother....And 'peng' it..
Headed by the pinguguoh, the pinyigar (senior tukang gawais) repeatedly perform traditional dances round and round a bawar (altar) at the centre of the tanju. Each dance has a specific name but the general purpose is to entertain the rice spirit. Iziitt??? I never know...

Villagers voluntered to play the GONG..A complete set of Bidayuh's musical instrument would consists of brass gongs (oguong, kitaak, canang, and kirutang) and a pair of tom-tom called pidabat. The full set is rarely played except on big festivals like the annual Gawai Sowa.

In a complete set, there would be two oguongs, two kitaaks, two canangs, a kirutang, and two pidabats. All except pidabat are brass gongs. Oguongs, kitaaks, and canangs are hung from cross-beams of the Gawai House, a hall specially built for gawai festivals.

Oguong is the widest of the gongs, and always played in pairs. Only one man is required to strike these two gongs. He strikes one after the other with a stick.

The end of the stick is wrapped round and round with soft materials like rubber or cloth. This is partly to make the sound more agreeable and partly to protect the gongs from direct hit.

Kitaak (I tot its called staak??) is another big gong with a much deeper sound. Like oguong, kitaak is played in pairs but require two men to strike them.

Then there are the smaller gongs, the pair of canangs. Only one man is required to strike the pair which are held in place by hanging them quite firmly. Unlike oguong and kitaak, canangs are struck with a bare ended stick one after the other.

The young men and young women went round and round, serving drinks to these old shamans, who, were consuming, or believed to consume, for their guests. There was much merry shouting, "Tara, Tara, OoOo!". With these to add to the sound of the various gongs..Its is indeed a noisy nite...

Many would deliberately stay awake the whole night or purposely wake up early to witness this part of the ritual....Like ME lo...I didnt sleep till 6am in the morning...

Throughout the whole occasion, the villagers hold open houses. Visitors are served with all kinds of foods and drink. There is usually a live band performing for the two nights in the village. That when we MEJENG!!!


I've no idea wat that is...

Thats where they keep their 'stuff'....We never dared to go up der tho...

The last ritual before it ends...

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Edited by ME coz theres some differences in it...

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Barbeque Nite

Went to Uncle's house for barbeque last nite...Coz Dylan koko gona fly back to KL tomorow...haiizzz...Not song laa...Gawai just over like a few days nia..And now everyone is goin home...Dats the saddest part of all...Huuhuuu...

Great...Eat again....DAmN!! I've been eating non - stop for the past few of course the food was unbelievable!! Those who have big appetitite sure go for 2-3 rounds..But not ME, surprisingly....Yummyy!!!!!

By the way, where d squirrel hoh??? hhrrrmmm...I tot I took a shot of it...Huiyyooo....The meat taste soo yummy....It taste better den chicken for sure..Too bad the "quantity" not enuf...haaiizzz...So long didnt eat squirrel's meat........

Then after that we had a little chat...While watching "Fashion Diary"....Cos thats the only TV channel that are interesting to watch...Parabola bah...Got so many channel but noting to watch...DDUUhhH!!

And then we took sum photo...Me and all my kazen mazen- Just love to camwhore when we get together-gether.....haha....

US by the pond

OOowwhhh..N this is my nephew...Cute aite??? Got another pic of US but so dark....Haaiihh....

And not forgetting this..... Its a MUST ooo...

Monday, June 4, 2007


Sorry..My greeting were kinda late...Neway, to all the DAYAKZZ in Malaysia, Happy Belated GaWai!!!! Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai...Wat again ah?? Gawai tu, gawai jua..But remember dont drink and drive...Think of ur love one...[Pandulah dengan cermat] Oh ya, can forget bout the old beer, but never ever forget the TUAKS...Chewah!!! Make advertisment sumore oo...And dun eat too much pig..Later face oso look like pig...

Last but not least....

Yea!!! Its Finally here....

My most worth-waiting-for festival fianally came....GAWAI!! Hahahaa...Was so happy indeed...BUt what freak me out is that lecture still goes on till 31st May..And that definitely 'kills' me...Y?? Couse me bro and couzin-mazen all had started their holiday 1 week earlier..And Im the only one who have to get ready to college everyday...WE had out first test that week too..Hhhuuhhuu...Plus, we're only given four days of holiday...AArrhhhHHH!!!

The TimE seems to be moving soo slooww..The anxiety of balik kampung and gather around with family member kills me from the inside....GOsh!! All this while I never like to balik kampung...Because first, its so damn boring der...Dun have anything to do sumore..[Unless me couzin goes back too..]..Secondly, NO phone and definitely NO internet connection...But luckily theres line coverage der liaw..If not, I'll probably never ever wana go back..

Slept quite late the nite before gawai...Helped to do some work loo....Marinate chicken, lamb, pork....Kopek bawang merah n putih...Wash this and that...Arrange kuih n cake in tray...Bllaaablllaa....And lastly, I get to be the food taster...Muuaahhhaa!! Im the first one to try all the food!!!

The 1st day was great...Serving people non-stop..Luckily dey come in order.....After this family go, cumes the other family..At least the house tidak huru-hara..At nite pula, we gamble loo....But this year wasnt that fun..Uncle Frank got back pain (for becoming tarzan at his own house)..So he dun really have the mood..But we played with my other uncle...Ok la...Got win a bit-a bit nia..Darn, my London-Speaking getting suxx!!

The next day, got some more visitor...Most of them are mummy's and uncle's friends from custom's pelabuhan there...Was hoping my friend get to come..Too bad Eve wasnt allowed to drive...Or probably got no car to so wanting a car for myself....Huuuhuuu....But its ok Friends....Coz unfortunately I got diarrhea @ cirit birit on the very same day....Went to toilet for omoz 10 times a!!! And the only medicine I took was panadol and Teck Aun 'Chi kit' Pills...The taste was Yuckkzzss!!! Omoz puke everytime...Plus, 2 box a day..Ngaiittiii....Third day pula got headache...haaiizzz!!! Panadol helps tho...Still cant wlk around with my heavy head....But those illness really spoiled my mood...

Nah..I dun really missed everything tho..Coz the actual day we're celebrating Gawai {in MY kampun}is on the 8th and 9th...Hahaha....CAnt wait lerr!!!

Just wait for my next post about it....There be more photos on it too....
~~ClueLess...We're on the ROAD to nowhere..I keep going back to the things that I need to walk away from..~~