Saturday, April 28, 2007


Errrmmm....How do I start this???

If ur heart doesnt pump so much but you could feel the adreanaline rush....Wat if he personally give u his number?? Surprise aite?? I am..Coz I never thought guys wud kindly give out their number, just like that...And wat if u're eager to see him all the time..Even when u're busy doing another thing....*woah!!* Wat if U dun mind him noticing u, glance you...?? Nah..I dun care as long as I get to see him see him all the time?? Rite?? You really wish he'd cum up to you and say a few words?? or maybe a simple "HI" [errmm, he did this and I was like.....] *grinning* Hez definitely tall and fair and got spiky hair (I love it!!)...*OMG* Wat u'd feel if he suddenly text u for no reason?? Duh!! Of course dat means he seldom message orang punya laa...Haaiizz....Do u feel special when dat guy whom u barely know (but ehem2) pinch ur cheek, or perhaps pinch ur hand playfully??? GoSh!! Wud you wake up extra ordinary early ever morning just to get ready and get to work extra early..I would!! *ahakxx!!*

ArrrhggghHHH!!!!!!! Wats this???? am I imagining things?? Of course NOT!! He do soo soott...Wat am I thinking??He not ngam me leh..geddit?? Duno how to explain laa...Dats the ONLY alasan I can think of rite now..Huuuhuuu...Yeah, I admit..I do have crush on HIM...

We use to talk on the phone for like hours...Hehehe...He makes both of us laugh on silly jokes, censored stuff pun jadi tidak censored...Both disturb each other at work...Only when tokei nio not in..Ask him sponsore cloud 9..or else KFC...Ahaahaa..But he did bought me cloud 9..So sayang, shud have asked for cadbury or Ferrero Roche..Too bad, I just syok sendiri..I dun tink we'll ever get together...*tsskk..Tssskkk*....I never dare to take the risk...Haiyyaa...Cincai-cincai laa!!! *OMG!!Omg!!, Now Im totally veli soot liaww!! wtf...*

Now im still thinking bout whether I shud resign or continue my work for another month....Darn! Its really hard....I cant just resign..Wat if my class havent start?? Cos the school of my choice only start at'll be so damn boring staying at home 24/7...Dun mention goin out...I wont get to go out everyday ok..Most definitely never ever go enjoy at nite...*me gud girl bah*...Ngaiitii....I live such a boring life..Dat is why I insist on goin to west m'sia to study...Hehehe....Ada udang di sebalik mee boh...But of course, I'd never ever gona neglect my studies if I really get the chance to go there and pursue my studies...*I mark every single word!!* Oh and ya, If i resign..I'd never get to see Him anymore..Huhuu...Maybe I wud, but not everyday ooo...*eee, gatalnye* Another reason I wan to continue is dat, I NEED MONEY $$$ FOR SHOPPING!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Bussiness suXx whole of this month....Its getting worse and worse each n everyday...I've hadnt sells anty phone for a few days liaw..Imagine wat my pay would be??? I bet doesnt reach rm600+ this time..Damn!!! Why is this happening???!! Izit because all 'phones' are the dummy set?? Duno laa...And so cun I'll b resiging by the end of this month....Haizz....Mesti tidak akan berpuas hati...And still I havnt decide where to!! Make my life a living hell...

Customer come..Look at displayed dummy set...and go..Dats wat happen...Dey arent dat interested to see the fake thing..I guess dey wana see the real thing...Most of the time, customer talked craped..Dey ask lotsa stuff...blaa..bllaa...But in the end they left, without taking any phone home..It really pissed me la....Tink I no need to crack my brain to give u the info bout he phone izit??? ngaitii....Wrong info, den u'll blame us...
Dats wat happen today...Theres 1 customer complain her phone no ringing tone..Ok, suak!!! We go claim warranty loo..But she start to complain bout our warranty not good...Take so long to fix it...Blaa..bllaa...U see, before this...She did claim warranty cos her phone ada masalah..Duno wat problem laa..Supplier de techinician have to check 1st maa...So, wat we tell her was if dey figured out wat the problem was..They'll call us..Den we call her back..Tp baru the 3rd day, she call the shop asking bout it...Den scolded us on the phone saying dat we're not!! 3days nia sudah mulut murai..Other customer's n80 go ICU to be fix for about 2 month liaw dun even shout at us like wat u did...Go 2 hell laa...Apa tah,Even ask whos our supplier...Bodo nyee..U think we can just simply give out the infomation meh?? Ur head n my feet laa..!! Worst of all...She say wana bring 'the case' to simpang tiga to settle..Bull shit laa!! Have we done anything that befalled u?? Got cheat u money meh??? Got give you 2nd hand spare part meh??? Cari techinician and try to check it out...U buy the phone from us..U have to take the risk loo...Furthermore, we wana bring it to claim waranty..U dun[Her reason was she'll be leaving for KL in about 3 days...] But den we agree to borrow her any 2nd hand phone..And guess wat..She was like.."Wat kind of phone can u lend me??" Duh!!! NOK 3310 laa...Stupid!! No class rite?? U tink U talk to us lidat got class meh??? U even show us ur perodua's car key...Class ur head laa!! Buat malu sendiri saja...Last-last..We get out taukey to talk to her...hahaha....She 'losed'..and was speechless....Buhuuu!!

So the whole day for this few days...We only sit there...Serve customer who doesnt wan to buy new phone at all...Talk on the phone, Sms-es...Eat, drink..Disturb people(guys especially,oh ya...Aowa's staff always kena)..Ask dem chia Cloud 9..Played loud music, real f**kin loud that makes u wana head banging...Gosh!! I tink 62Ent got the worst staff of all the other shop der...Hahahah....*so proud!!*

These are wat we've accomplish during our free time....

~Got hold of the new nokia N-series...ehehehhe...~

~Did our own thang.....~

Me too masuk campur...Hhehehe....

*2nd pic: Wtf! wat the hell happen to my hair???!! OOO..I guess dat time too windy laa....hehe*

Friday, April 20, 2007

Now What??

I wasn't accepted to study in labuan..On matriculation..Got so damn F**kin dissapointed..Again..WTF!! Im totally blank right now...Y?? Harapan untuk sambung belejar di sekolah awam tidak tercapai...Haizzz!! The only place I can go is local college...But...Den theres a lot to tink of...*me not rich-rich people, ok* wtf...Sumore, Im 100% sure I wudnt get into UiTM...Duh!!! Binggung nye!!!! But Joanna n Hoss got accepted!!! Congratss yea!! Im happy for u oo...Eventho I dun get it...Huhuu....Its of luck for u guyss!!!
But mummy did suggest bout a-level...heheheh...But where??? Still havent decide oo...She did ask me to try Sedaya..But izit worth it?? Can I make thru it?? Hrrrmmm......Macam mane nie??? A-level not easy ooo...Need to have super-power-complicated brain den can score well...Me dun have tat kind of brain oo...Dtas why I got rejected from so many colleges...Arrrgghh!!! *curse me!!* I shud have push harder!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Tried BLOG WORTH....And guess wat?? My page worth only $1129 n 8cents...DUh!! So little nia meh?? Cannot la..How to earn $$$ if like dat??? *wink* Im not mata duitan laa..But really..this blog needs attention!! I feel soo 'jauh ke belakang liaw!!!' Now must find ways to menarik people's perhatian to peep into my blog..Kekekeke....Any idea for me???

"Wei u guys!!! After reading this...Help me promote laa..."

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Would You Do Anything For LOVE??

You Would Do Most Things For Love

You are willing to go pretty far for love - but not far enough to compromise your core values.
Love is a priority for you, and you'll go further than most people to hold on to someone you love.
But killing for love? Or even taking a bullet? Probably out of the question.
No matter what, you love yourself the most!

Am I this kind of lover??? gosh....Sooo....UNBELIEVABLE....So its true den...Told u I can LOVE like heaven and HATE like hell...

Wana try it out?? Click HERE

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What kind of shades @ sunglasess you shud wear???

Can't find any suitable shades for ur face?? Try this...
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Mite be useful for all of YOU...Sapa x mau jadi glemor????

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Where to go???

For the past 5 month, I've been cracking my brain, deciding where I shud pursue my studies...Haizz....Binggung...Binggung.....

Shud I take Medicine???

Or Pharmacy??

Or Biotech???

Or Makmal Perubatan (not sure wats this atually)??

Auntie ask bout Nursing..

And mummy did mention bout Quantity Surveying...Ngaiti...Dat course never appear in my mind oo...Hish!! Makin merumitkan keadaan...

Am still waiting for letters offered by college or university...Yeah, Matriculation..Im so hoping dat I got accepted there...But memandangkan my SPM result came out so badly...I dun tink I got any chance...Peluangnya sangat-sangat lah tipis...or nipis???Aahhrrr!!! Watever laa..Dun open books for a long time liaw...Brain getting rusty each and everyday...Sumore Im not 100% bumiputera...Haizz...Dat makes my peluang semakin tipis....I really wished dey could see me...Picture pun cukup la...Den accept me as a bumiputera..Cause I dun even look like chinese..Duh!!! How nice...Dat makes my life easier...

Not just dat..I tried applying IPTA..Thru both online and form..Even use poslaju to send the form cause almost due date...hehehe...Too bad there are only a few courses dat im really interested in...Haiyyaa!!! Hantam saja la... *Fingers cross*

And then tried browsing thru net...Sememangnya terlalu banyak sangat pilihan...They are IMU, Sedaya, Marsha College, Penang Medical College, AIMST, Sunway College, Monash Uni, The University of Notingham Malaysia Campus (!walaoh eh), SIT International College,Twintech...Blaa..blaa...blaa... But too bad I have to think twice bout choosing the college where Im goin to study...Ye la..Have to think bout the fees..The place @ accomodation, The standard @ status..Wheter the college offer study loan onot...Got scholarship onot...Mana ada itu banyak punya duit mauk bayar fees...(*Darn, with my result..Mana ada chance get scholarship..Stupid laarr!!) N still..I havnt decide wat to study!!! aAaarrrhgghhgghhh!!!!
Then again..Dunno me daddy n mummy allow me go far2 away to study onot...Gosh!! Its so depressing...I really wana get out of Kuching ahh...Dun mind if I dun get to drive..I just wana be independant..No need kena 'tiaw' every minute and every hour...Dun have to hear dem nag bout not doin this, not doin that (housework especially)...Kan lebih bagus?? But..Wat if I have penyakit?? "HOME SICK"???? Yea, dun see me big2 size ahh..Im the emotional type ok...Aduh!!! Banyak nye masalah melanda!! Help!!
Dun care laa..Im just hoping that letters wud arrive my door step as soon as possible..Cannot tahan stay home liaw...

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Life is too short
Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness

Laugh when U can
Apologize when U should
and let go what U cant change

Love deeply and forgive quickly
Take chances. Give everything
And have no regrets

Life is too short to be unhappy
U have to take good with the bad
Smile when u're sad

Live what U got...and
Always remember what U had

Always forgive...Never forget
Learn from mistake...But never regret


Saturday, April 7, 2007

Im BAD....

I missed mass last friday, which is Good Friday....*darn!!* I tried fasting..Ate nasi goreng kampung tapao from saberkas's parking der...Dey say fry with 'sayur banyak jenis' from the packet that usually sold in supermarket....Mana tau, when I almost finished my lunch...My workmate slap my back saying that my food full of meat!!!! Ngaittii!!! Ended up feel soo bersalah....I kena cheat laa...Haizz...Sooo full of SIN IN ME...Den again I missed Sunday's mass...Which is Easter...All because Im working...Aduh!!! I never miss important mass all my life!! Till this year!! Honestly, all this while I've been escaping masses for I think more 3 months!!! Cant believe it!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Exhausted....Am so tired...ArrrgggHhHh!!!!! Why does my job requires 12hours of my time a day??? Huhuuu....But, this would me the last moth working there..Gona resign soon...Tskk..Tsskk..So sad...I noe I complaint more den wat I've do for dem(my taukey laa)..But the truth is..They're to GOOD laaa....Eventho sumtime a bit keterlaluan loo...Itu yang buat saya tidak berpuas hati....But wan can do @ apa boleh buat?? Hez the big boz....Kesian jua eh...
Duh!!! Thiz week I pecah record...Lost 2 digi coupon and then lost another digi coupon on the other day....DAMN!!!!!!!!! F**KED laa....Who the hell curi it??? Im sure I tear it carefully b4 giving to customer...Haizzz...Bukannya I duno dat the digi coupon are 3 in 1...So weird laa...Luckily 3 of us together2 agree to potong gaji for the 1st 2 coupon...But to bad I have to pay for the other 1...Coz I agree to 'take care' of the whole stack of coupon...huhuuu....Paid 10bucks just for dat...*sipai*
Worst of all....I duno how am I goin to get back my pay thru commision...DArn!!! Rumours @ air news say saberkas will be raid...HOW AM I GONA DO BUSINESS???? DUHH!!! Worst of all we cant even 'talk' as usual....Gotta be aware of to whom we talked to...Wat price we give...Sumtime have to cheat customer...Terpaksa give dem higher price(eksen jak bah)...Ngaiti...When this kind of situation occur, I could lost up to 5 customer at a time...UUrrghHh!!!! The thing is..I cant help even tho I do have relative doin that job...Hiazz...Make me panic nia...Once taukey nio ask "Why U look so pucat"...Hahaha...Funny hoh??
ATTN: Oh ya...Thankx to Hosanna and Pauline for buying the stuff that I sell...hahahaa!! Love u guyss soo mucchh!!! muaaakxxxx!!!Muakkkxxzz!!!
~~ClueLess...We're on the ROAD to nowhere..I keep going back to the things that I need to walk away from..~~