Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan

When was it?? hHhrrmmm....12th July...
Soorryy...Got no time to blog...

So many assignment..So little time..

Talk about our hang out...Went to 4 places in one nite..And guess wat..Its all tempat makan..YEAH!!! Its eating nite...

Gossshh!! Im like soooo fat ordy..And still eat...Memang kerja gilaa..

Went to Igloo...Got myself the"strawberry thingy"..Eve P got herself this "strawberry n champange thingy"..Both Sharon n PauLine got "snow wit oreo thingy"...Christina got sumthing of green tea..And d others dont get anything ...

After that, we were asking each other where to go next...Cant believe we're out of idea on where to go!! Kuchingz so damn boring..Huuhuu..Except here got a lot of place where u can have nice food to fill ur stomache...

Eve P suggest that we go to Isabelle...Just for the sake of taking pictures there..Coz dey have really nice settings..Yeah, we reached there..Take our sit..And waited to make order..

Once we open the menu..OMG!! NO food at all...Only western food [fries etc..] and drinks..And sooo veryy expensive!! Gilaa..I'd rather go to Bing to have western food...haha..!!

The most embarasing part was when we just walk out of Isabelle as if we never go ther...hahah..Eyah, we dun oerder anything...Jus walked out...Malu nyee...But who cares!! Dey oso didnt cum and served us...*Btw, we dun take any photo at all...*

Next destination was Hui Sing..Tot of eating the fried mee goreng with 'ham'...Yuummyyy!!! But when we reach der...None of us order that mee...Hahah...Sharon got her kolo mee..I guess she misses kolo mee soo much...Since shez been out of the country for 6 month (agak-agak.. ) Eve P got 'metahon' [wtf..I dun even noe how it is spelled, i tink it wud sound better if dey name it metadon..haah!!], so she dont order any food...Me leh?? Got sum mee cooked in cantonese style..1st time trying it..Quite nice actually..

Last but not least, we went to Sunny Hill Ice Cream..Ewww!! The names itself gives me goosebumpss...Not big deal laa..The ice cream was better dem Scoop's of course...But, i dun get anything der..Was sooo damn full ordy...I cant imagine myself eating so much in one nite...I definitely puke all out as soon as I reach home..But, Eve n Jonathan got a large size of vanilla ice cream..hahah...People pakto bahh...Dey look soo cute larr...Makes me missed being in a relationship..huuuhuu...Sharon n PauLine got the ordinary size ice cream..Im quite amazed how Sharon can stuuf all that...Hahha..

Btw,Sharon put on weight!!! hahaha...Den Im not gona kell U, sharon..U're safe now...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Later laa

Too tired...Need to have my beauty sleep...
Gonna blog bout hang out with Sharon and Evie next time...
Not now...

Am definitely gona blog about The Rainforest Festival thingy....
Was soo happening!!! Crazy! Awesome!!
Crap...I dun have pic...
The camera was possesed by my stupid
Which I presume dat he'll took some pic of the event...
But unfortunately, ders noting....*faint*
Shud have avoid lending it to him...

Its ok tho..Gona 'steal' sum pic from Azee..."U will let me have it wunt u??"

Friday, July 13, 2007

I cant wait!!

Yeahhh!!! Got permission to go Rainforest Festival!!!
Im happyy!!! Excited!!!! Just cant wait for itt!!!
Mommy! Love u!! Muaakkxxzz!!!
Been wanting to go there like 4 years ago...Woww!!!
Plus, got slightly cheaper ticket...

Rainfest here I come!!!!
*Eve, U take care ahhh!!!*
Gonna mish U...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Got no title for this..Am so lazy to blog lately..
Life had been tough lately...Im in major depression for sure...Haaiihh!! Why do I have to go through this everyday?? As if everything goes wrong..

Just finish my second test..Gosh!! An atomic bomb sure gona droped on my can predict that I failed most of it...The worst part of all..The college call my parent like what dey did before...UUururrggGhhh!!! Im so gona kill myself..Den at least the 'lost' of me would alleviate ur burden..I cant bear to see that face full of disappoinment anymore...

Who said I duno how how to say sorry?? In fact, I said soory almost everyday.."Im sory dad, Im sory mum"...Im sorry GOD..I soorryy friends.." Tho I admit I dont say it out loud..I dun wana create more conflict between us...And I definitely not gona answer @ shout back at you..To me, it was never a good thing to do..I respect both of you so much ok...Please understand now why I dont really 'care' everytime u shout at me..I do actually..Its just my way of accepting advices..

Im really looking forward to go to Rainfest..I cant stand staying at home..The truth is, it never felt like home either..Mom, please let me go and have fun, enjoy myself..Plus, you wudnt see my face on that day...and U can stop nagging and lecturing me for one whole day...Save ur energy den for ur work...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Come and Go

Hossana quit her matrix and leave for Banting a few weeks ago..Geting her diploma to become a doctor..Wow!! Im gona have a friend which is a doctor!!

Before she leaves, we went out..only the two of us..Went out on friday, and thats why we dun invite the rest..They have class to attend..And I bet they are all

Her interest to become a doctor bloom from the day she told me she wanted to apply for matrix..I remember she use to push me to study...So that I can go to her matrix with her..Coz back den, I too wanted to persue my studies to be a doctor..But now, I dont tink soo..I have straigt-forward brain, not complicated mind..Im just average..

Went for a movie, Fantastic Four..Den to BING..Den shop around the golden triangle...Done shopping around 8pm..Thats when I realize ses gona go..For a few month..huuhuu..Beofre I left her ,we hugged..I omoz cried but I never let it happen...I know i'll be seeing her..soon..

And now...Sharon is back..Im glad..Havnt seen her for quiet a long time now..I wonder how she is..Maybe slimmer and fairer..hhrrmmm..I wonder if she have a boyfriend der..Den Im gona squeeze her in her throat for her to find me an 'ang mo' guy liaw..

*If u're getting slimmer, Im gona kell u aahh!!!*

Well, we've planned to go out this weekend..But to bad shes in miri..Wat is she doin der?? Vacation i guess..wana feel the hot and humid climax here...Hahah..nevermind loo..Go watch transformer den..Heheheh...With my couzin of course..Heard it was a great film..Loud+ ganas n robotic scene= Hollywood Box Office!!

Im hoping to meet u sharon..really mish u..Im so into doin the hand shake with u again..OMG!! My dahfa fish fillet finish liaww..No woories..Gona get sum for u..Heheh..Too bad, joanna wasnt here to...

Then, der goes another one..Evelyn Johor next week to become a teacher..Hhrrmm..Weird..She never mention about bcuming a teacher...She more to writing and composing stuff..And her masterpiece used to be amazing..Plus, its original..

Oh no!! Our so called driver is leaving...Now me and pauline got no one to drive us around nemore..Haaiih!! *I really needs a car now*

Freakin' out!! Cant believe everyone is leaving Kuching!! Left only Me, Pauline..And EvelynP n Funnyla..Dun mention the boys..Huuhuu...Our group of 11 have seperated and on their own now..

Of course, I'd say dat Im gona missh u all!! No matter what, u guys are always my best-est friends!! Keep in touch yeah!!Love ya'll!!
~~ClueLess...We're on the ROAD to nowhere..I keep going back to the things that I need to walk away from..~~
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