Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Mascara

A girl can never have too many mascaras right? RIGHT gurls??? 

Introducing the Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Mascara!! This mascara is different from any other mascara, cos it uses a gel-mousse formula leading to less 'crunchy', 'stiff' lashes. This mascara also promises massive volume as it contains less hard waxes and uses the new 'Flexor' Brush.

I got so excited I search for it online, cos they dont have it here!! :(  I dont remember seeing it anywhere though, so I had to resolve to getting it online.

Cute packaging..Nice teal colour with a touch of pink.

"Flexor Brush". Its so flexible.

The final verdict? My lashes didnt feel heavy after application so the gel formula definitely lived up to its promises, but however I didnt get much volume ( I don't know, maybe its my own lashes, I have really fine sparse lashes, and eyebrows sigh). And same goes to my lower lash, I expect it to give a lil bit of lengthening to it, cos without mascara you can barely see my lower lash! (Ding it!! I hate my eyelashes!). I like that the formula makes my lashes feel soft and supple with no flakes, instead of the normal harden stiff results.

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